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Achiever Square is a monthly newsletter of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which not only captures the top events and happening in the ecosystem but also provides enough scope for the students to interact and participate at numerous activities. 


We target to reach 10,000 readership pan India within one year, i.e., by July 2023. 



Intelligence, knowledge or wisdom is directly proportional to the exposure of a student to what is happening at the outer world through several channels. One of the most powerful channel is the print media and that is what we are - "The Achiever Square Informatics (newsletter).

Coming out with a newsletter in a digital era is quite ludicrous, as ever bit of information is available at the finger tip and that too free of cost in the best possible format. Then what is the point of coming out of something which has to compete with the existing source of intellectual entertainment or information. So to understand that you need to subscribe here. Coming Soon!



It is not just us SRMAP, it is about the bigger student community across the state and nation, which has something say and share. We bring all of them together in one platform, as growth is always symbiotic. Suddenly you witness silos transforming into tributaries. 



Some of the information at the newsletter is definitely static but most of it is dynamic in nature, that mean there is a two-way communication which can be established between the reader and the editor. Many of the our sections call for action from the readers to engage them deeply.

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The best post, writing, thoughts or creatives will be published at the Achiever Square Informatics (ASI) (newsletter), which gives content writer or the composer enough scope to reach and impact thousands of students nationally and in a meaningful way.  The most popular entries are also awarded accordingly.

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