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The Hope of Horizon

About us

The growing presence of women as entrepreneurs is fueling significant business and economic growth across the country. Women-owned businesses are making a noteworthy contribution by not only creating job opportunities but also catalyzing demographic shifts and serving as role models for aspiring female founders.

In alignment with our vision to promote sustainable development and foster balanced growth, Startup India is deeply committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in India. Through a multifaceted approach that includes initiatives, schemes, the establishment of supportive networks and communities, and fostering collaborations among diverse stakeholders in the startup ecosystem, we are dedicated to nurturing the potential of women entrepreneurs and driving their success.


Our Story


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Our Services


We focus on establishing various types of B2B and B2C connections. We guide individuals towards discovering innovative avenues for reselling and cross-selling as well.


We assist our members in choosing the optimal path for product development. Industry experts engage with entrepreneurs to offer top-tier product development services.


Part of our services involves business development. Aditri arranges different setups and elements like GST, FSSAI, and upcoming additions.


Network & Learn

Harnessing the latest technology is entirely achievable for women entrepreneurs. Now, you can join this groundbreaking movement with ease. Aditri is here to assist you in accessing mentorship support for becoming a successful entrepreneur.


We offer diverse financial support options to enhance the ease and security of your business operations. WeAct possesses expertise in managing micro-businesses across rural and urban regi

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