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Working on sustainability projects not only tackles problems in society but also significantly contributes to the development of each individual involved, providing them with essential exposure and experience, strengthening their problem-solving abilities, and adding value to their resume.


What you get back?

  • A certificate of internship from MHRD IIC (Govt. of India), Hatchlab Research Centre, Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Home of Leaders

  • Unlimited fun and experience to execute project in a team

  • Financial support, mentoring and industry exposure

  • Implementation of the projects into the society and can become 'a hero' in the headlines of the print and digital media

  • Patent and commercialize the project



Water wastage during dialysis. 

This project aims to find ways to reuse the gallons of water consumed during the dialysis process.

Dialysis is a technique of artificially aiding the kidneys in eliminating waste materials and excess fluid from the blood. Every year, trillions of liters of fresh water are consumed as a byproduct of dialysis. 
To deal with this problem, students and faculty members are encouraged to cooperate and find practical solutions or techniques that would avoid complete waste and allow consumed water to be used for various purposes within the hospital.



Digital platform for tracking placements by APSSDC.

Due to the lack of an interface, the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporations (APSSDC) face countless challenges each year while manually updating and maintaining the record of placements of graduating students from all colleges throughout the state.

This is an opportunity for the student community to provide a viable solution to this challenge by developing an application or interface that could be used to maintain and update the records of all graduating students, including their placements and course details.



Detection of fraud in X-ray reports performed under a scheme of the AP government.


The Aarogyasri scheme is the state government's flagship health initiative for providing quality healthcare to the poor. Under this scheme, agencies and radiographers are provided with reimbursement for generating X-ray reports for the eligible patients under the scheme. This policy is being abused by agencies and radiographers in order to obtain reimbursement by presenting forged or identical X-ray reports. 

The students can take initiative to combine several technologies, such as blockchain, to develop a solution to this problem that may be used by the state government to recognise and reject the forged or identical reports.



Development of a portal that could be utilised by APEWIDC to track the internal work of the employees.

The Andhra Pradesh Education & Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation (APEWIDC) requires a platform to track the work records of employees from different departments.
The portal will make a significant contribution towards the improved operation of the organisation as a whole as well as boost employee efficiency while offering a well-maintained work record. It may also make it easier for graduating students across the state to connect with recruiters and receive updates on available job opportunities.

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