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"Discovering who you are now is the first step toward becoming the person you want to be tomorrow."


What is Discover PERSONA?

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SRMAP, in collaboration with E-Cell, has introduced the "Discover PERSONA" to aid in your self-discovery. This is a community that aims for you to establish a friendship with yourself that will endure forever.
You need to learn about yourself and understand yourself, just like in any relationship. Self-discovery is a continual process, not something you finish in a single sitting. But it's a commitment you want to make without a doubt.


We can learn more about our unique personalities, natural preferences, attitudes, beliefs, preferred styles and tendencies through self-discovery. The goal of this quest is to discover who we are and what makes us special.

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WPPF maximises learning and results by utilising the full potential of each participant individually and of the group as a whole. WPPF achieves these results by utilising a structure and exercises that involve the "whole brain," including the creative, intuitive, subjective "right brain" as well as the analytic, logical, objective "left brain," as well as the "whole person," including the mind, body, heart, and spirit.
We often use the concept of the "Medicine Wheel," which holds that we are whole beings divided into four distinct and significant quadrants. The total harmony cannot be achieved if one of the quadrants is unstable.
Generations of many Native American tribes have used the Medicine Wheel, often referred to as the Sacred Hoop, for health and healing. The Four Directions, Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree—all of which stand for aspects of health and the cycles of life—are all personified in it.


The WPPF (Whole Person Process Facilitation) Approach

A really unique and innovative strategy with quantifiable results.

“The traditions give the guidance and support that is necessary for on-going healing and change. They convey a core understanding of a spiritual life. Without Spirit, and personal commitment, it is unlikely that any teaching or any strategy, from whichever direction, will help people attain and maintain balance. The Sacred Circle of the Medicine Wheel, and the Sacred Teachings, encapsulate all the spiritual wisdom required to guide the healing journey, sustain healing relationships, and promote positive change.”

(Nabigon et al., 2014)

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