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“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

18 years of formal education is not just about grades and exams. It is about refining our perception and outlook towards life and to discover those millions of mysteries surrounding our human civilization and exploring the endless possibilities.

In the context of exploratory and experiential learning, the Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in association with SRM Ecell has launching the "Explorer Hive Classroom".

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There is no curriculum at Explorer Hive. The entire concept is exploratory in nature. The scope of such program even allows students to share their experience and knowledge through an activity-based classroom session. For example if the theme of the week is public speaking, the lessons are broken down into small activities and involves the entire classroom and hence participation from each individual. After the session, a handful of individual is chosen for a much detailed project on the same theme and the results or the outcomes are officially recorded and documented and a successful participatory model is created to be replicated for the greater good of the community.


The following are the features:

1. Engagement for every evening from 6.00pm to 7.00 pm IST or specific slots during the day for all students, including the day-scholars.

2. Activities will be experiential and exploratory in nature (engagement with lots of fun.)

3. Every activity will have a learning outcome.

4. Every week/ month will have a different theme.

5. Anyone can join and explore.

Some of the themes and topics like - Discover your leadership style, Business games, Teamwork games, Fireside Storytelling, Business Storytelling, The Rs.500 Entrepreneur game, the Magic of Body Language, Competitions, 2-Minute Pitch Challenge, Public Speaking in 120 minutes challenge, Overcoming phobia in 30 minutes challenge and several more would the part and parcel of the daily session.

Turning Fear into Power

The Team

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Karthika Hosakote Ramurs
Team Lead

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