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Did you know that students can take advantage of the benefits of entrepreneurship education even before they enter college?

An entrepreneurship-focused education can help middle and high-school age students develop crucial life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom walls.

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What is Explorique?

EXPLORique is an initiative which is designed for school children to inspire them to innovate, lead and create value for themselves and society. In short, we teach them the art and the spirit of exploration through leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This is a mission to create leaders, not when a human being is already conditioned but during the year when the mind is still young. It is eager to explore the possibilities of life and the school is the right place to imbibe such skills, knowledge, wisdom, and the appetite to take risks and face challenges in life.

What is Entrepreneurship Education?

Entrepreneurship education focuses on developing real-world skills that will help students to lead exceptional lives in a rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurship education teaches students crucial life skills, such as:

  • How to collaborate and work with a team

  • How to speak in public and prepare an effective presentation

  • How to collect and analyze data

  • How to use social media as an advocacy tool

  • How to solve real, complex problems that don’t have a definitive answer

  • How to use curiosity and creativity to find an innovative approach to difficult problems

We follow the design thinking curriculum to cultivate entrepreneur skills in children


The Design Thinking Process is a human-centered strategy that places a major emphasis on empathy to discover in-depth user insights and demands in order to develop a precise mentality when assessing potential solutions. The method guides a person or group through stages of comprehension, exploration, and materialization before testing one or two of the solutions


Phases of Explorique


This is the introductory phase where students are oriented about the value and meaning of innovation and leadership through a series of interactive and exploratory sessions by our expert team members of EXPLORique and guests from the industry. This phase is designed to sharpen the “questioning instinct” of a student.


The core idea of this phase is to take the students beyond questioning, where they can put their learning into practice through a series of experiments, case studies, industry visits, and practical application of the concepts. The concept of Design-Thinking and Lateral-Thinking is also taught to them in workshop mode.


This phase is the application part where an idea is crystalized into a concept or an innovative product. At Disrupt phase, the students also interact directly with the industry, research labs, and corporate, and in a few advanced cases, they pitch in front of an investor.

We create an entire ecosystem where our stakeholders are the Government, corporate, research organizations, institutions, funders & investors, mentors & coaches. We pull in all the resources which are indeed needed to unleash the mind of young individuals and open their eyes to the infiniteness of possibilities.

The Team

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Adi Vishnu Avula
Team Lead

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Prasanna Kumar Dheekonda
Core Member

Mahendra Kumar - Core Member 2.png

Mahendra Kumar Velicheti
Core Member

Jawad Khan - Core Member 3.png

Jawad Khan
Core Member

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