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ProductKraft is a program solely designed for engineering products at the university campuses, inspiring innovation and encourage innovation. The core focus is to develop innovative solutions, for the existing problems in the society, using technology, which can be identified through different tools like Hackathon, Ideathon etc.


STEP 1: Ideation and Design Thinking


STEP 2: The feasible ideas are validated by the industry experts on various parameters


STEP 3: students are exposed and trained on various latest technologies and the various aspects of product development. 


STEP 4: The top products are taken for further incubation and exposed to the various support, mentorship and investments from the startup ecosystem and Hatchlab Research Center

Details of the 45-Day Workshop

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This a 45-day (contact days) experiential workshop designed for the students to explore the scope of a particular cutting edge technology and then apply the same knowledge to design a product, which could solve a problem (statement) and hence can be deployed/ used by the society. The total number of days will be 75-90 days for one batch of participants.


The program is very well designed, where each section has an learning outcome and best part is the application part. The participants also learn the concepts of Design Thinking, they explore the various applicaiton of DesignThinking in solving a problem using case studies or a real life problem. The concepts of ideation will also be taught so that that participants can strengthen their logical and analytical aspects of the mind.


An internship certificate will be given to the participant from the partner company in collaboration with SRMAP,

Hatchlab Research Centre and MHRD, Govt. of India


Registration fee is Rs.8000, which is subsidised by SRM University AP. 

A participant has to pay Rs.1000 (Rs.7000 Discounted) to book a seat.

Total seats are 50 only.


The program will be mostly online based on the collective convenience of the participants, either late in the evening or during week ends. Assignment and research work would be an integral part of the program, which has to be completed before the next class. The industry experts will visit the campus for few live session and the demo day.


Few important statistics:

1. Registration Fee is Rs. 1000 only per participant

2. Internship certificate will be provided

3. Participants can earn upto 6+ credits

4. Total number of seats are 50 only

5. You will work with one or two technology at a time

6. Batch starts from the 1st week of January 2023

Registration Form


The Team


Suryanikhil Mallampalli
Team Lead

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Sumana Sree
Core Member

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Vamshi Nanduri
Core Member

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Shivam Tiwari
Core Member

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