ProductKraft is a program solely designed for engineering products at the university campuses, inspiring innovation and encourage innovation. The core focus is to develop innovative solutions, for the existing problems in the society, using technology, which can be identified through different tools like Hackathon, Ideathon etc.

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STEP 1: Ideation and Design Thinking


STEP 2: The feasible ideas are validated by the industry experts on various parameters


STEP 3: students are exposed and trained on various latest technologies and the various aspects of product development. 


STEP 4: The top products are taken for further incubation and exposed to the various support, mentorship and investments from the startup ecosystem and Hatchlab Research Center

Details of the 45-Day Workshop


Suryanikhil Mallampalli
Team Lead

The Team

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Sumana Sree
Core Member

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Vamshi Nanduri
Core Member

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Shivam Tiwari
Core Member

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