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Product-Kraft is a programme aimed at Product Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  The whole programme has been conceptualized with an aim to encourage the spirit of building  innovative solutions.

Product-Kraft framework covers the entire life cycle of product development from Ideation to  Design Thinking to Prototype development. Interaction and validation by domain experts and  Industry mentors is an integral feature of the programme.  

The top teams will be selected for Incubation by the Hatchlab Research Centre and supported all  the way to build products and get support for funding.


STEP 1: Ideation and Design Thinking


STEP 2: The feasible ideas are validated by the industry experts on various parameters


STEP 3: students are exposed and trained on various latest technologies and the various aspects of product development. 


STEP 4: The top products are taken for further incubation and exposed to the various support, mentorship and investments from the startup ecosystem and Hatchlab Research Center

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Hands-on product building experience
The objective of the workshop: Is to provide students with practical experience in building a product from ideation to execution. 

Details of activities, talks, sessions, etc: The workshop will consist of an Ideation session, Idea Pitching, Mind Mapping,Brainstorming,1-1 Mentoring
Target Audience: Students who have been part of this workshop.

Resource person details and photograph (if any): The workshop will feature a talk by Mr. Baradwaj Aravapally, I've attached their photograph for your reference.

Any other relevant information: The workshop will take place on April 21st from 9 AM to 5 PM at Auditorium X-LAB, and I am attaching the logos which have to be used, the technical workshop was on IOT & AIML and has been conducted for 45 days in online mode.

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The Team


Ashvanth S
Team Lead


Lahari Kemburu
Core Member


Srinivas Reddy 
Core Member


Shubham pandey
Core Member

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