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The leader is a two-day leadership bootcamp generally conducted during weekends and typically once in a month. The spectrum of the activities are carefully designed to give the participant an exclusive experience of the power and passion which is hidden within all of us, in short bringing out the leadership qualities of the participants and make them realize the possibilities that they can explore with a brighter and extended outlook and vision.

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ACT          INSPIRE          LEAD 

The day one activities are designed for self-exploration and identify the leadership style that each one of us carry within us. For example Steve Jobs has a magician in him, so we call he style of leadership is magician, whereas Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank follows the Mobilizer Style of leadership. Bill Gates is Master and Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Groups is largely a Merchant.


The day two activities are designed to explore and apply the self-discoveries of the day one. Day two is the day for ‘leadership in action’ and that is done through various games and exploratory themes.


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