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SRM University
Andhra Pradesh, India

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Welcome to a world where the extraordinary and the feasible coexist. A community in which people with distinctive talents work together to address the most important problems of the day.

We are the Indigo Children, a group of young individuals who believe in the strength of cooperation, innovation, and action. We at Indigo find the challenges faced by different communities by collaborating with the United Nations Organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, WHO, etc), world-class mentors and International NGOs. Then, we start finding solutions to these problems with our unwavering effort and dedication to make a real difference.

Research is the first step in our journey as we look to comprehend the 5 Ws - Who, What, Where, When, and Why - behind the challenges faced by communities around the world. Then, with the help of our mentors, we design logical solutions that could change lives and influence the future. Finally, we present our solutions to the world, submitting them to the United Nations Organization


Are you an Indigo child too?

Are you here to save the world too?

If yes, then please come along with us on this amazing adventure. We can build a society that is fair, just, and sustainable for everyone by working together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a full-fledged world class organization providing logical solutions to the problems faced by the mankind. We connect the dots and encourage everyone to be a responsible part of the world

Solve the existing problem statements.

Track down the undiscovered problems

We Indigos believe in finding the solution by digging at roots instead of just hacking the leaves

The Team


Chehak Saluja
Team Lead

Rutika Ambadkar
Core Member

Chava Veera Bhadra Dheeraj
Core Member

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