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Bootcamp 1.0

The exclusive gateway to incubation at SRM University - AP














About Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 1.0

A 6 week & 8 - interactive sessions, high-engagement

program for students and faculty. Entrepreneurship

Boot Camp 1.0 is a dynamic and immersive program,

taught exclusively to ignite the innovation and

entrepreneurial quotient of the participants.

It is designed for current SRM AP students, and faculty

members who wish to specialize in turning ideas to

ventures , make a difference in the society, and

develop real-world skills and prototypes while enjoying

their academics.

The program will be held in 20th February to 2nd April

at the SRM AP “Hatchlab Research Centre”, a vibrant hub for venture builders and innovators. Evening &

weekend sessions include workshops and other

engaging activities, giving students the opportunity to

gain experience in entrepreneurship and connect with

the startup ecosystem.

The classes are well structured and loaded with world-

class case studies, practical applications and live

interactions with industry and business mentors.

SRM AP students can earn a minimum of 2 university

credits, upon successful completion of the program, all

participants will receive certificate of completion along

with the opportunity to make a direct entry to SRM AP’s

Hatchlab Research Centre (HRC). Hatchlab Research

Centre (HRC) will further provide the opportunity to get

seed funding up to Rs.10,00,000 each to selected

ventures and a host of other benefits.

Roadmap of the 6 Week Bootcamp 1.0

Untitled 2.png

Moments from Bootcamp 1.0

Ventures / Ideas

Name of the Venture


Brief About the Venture

SyncVitalsUsing data Analytics and ML to make custom micro-nutrient and vitamin supplements for customers to provide them the right nutrition

Medical Delivery service

Medical drone delivery system

Echo Management System [BMS,CMS,EMS]

Echo Management system -- Battery Management system, Charging Management system and Energy management system and all Energy stroage applications like EV.

Vascan Solutions

Our innovative features, including Product Discovery, Smart Find, and Faster Checkout, collectively redefine the shopping experience.

Smart energy meter

Chips/hardware design and manufacturing for AI/ML and IoT Security

Smart Ring Technology

Emergency alerts, health monitoring, Location Tracking, etc.


Idea related to game developement only that is about car modification games on pc as well as android/ios

Wearable United

Create a customizable clothing and shoe brand website where customers can design their own unique apparel and footwear.


Delivery Service Based on Autonomous Drone Technology!


Exploring the latest advancements in automotive technology from electric vehicles to autonomous driving systems


Unipool which is based on pooling services, the MVP will be deployed in form of an app soon. We have generated 5000 profit and a revenue of rs 40k+


Low cost hydrogen production

Noninvasive Gluco Trac

Design & Development of Noninvasive Biomedical Device

Founder Name

Yuvan Reddy

Pujari Sri Sai Manikanta



Dr. Ramesh Vaddi

P. Prudhvi Krishna

Yashika bhatia


Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Sathvik Reddy Sama

Suhruth Ram

Srinivasa Reddy konda

Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Uni Talks

Platform emerges, uniting students, startups, and researchers


Dwell Craft

The uniqueness of our product is eco-friendly, cost efficiency, sustainable leather from fruit waste

Dundi Rathna Kishore

Home Organizing by Eco Plastic Creations and Upcycled furniture

Creating a sustainable fashion brand that combines style with ethical and eco-friendly practices.

K. Thanmai Sri Lasya

Semi conductors

Regarding semiconductors in these engaging world.

Kammara Kesava

Smart headlight

Prevent accident that mainly happened at night.

Shaik Ansar Subhani


Idea about creating an all accessories brand which specialises in making fantasy and ethereal aesthetic adornments.

Spurthi Kavuri


Offering a platform free from influence peddling and tailored for genuine connections based on shared interests.

Supriya Manna


MyBud is a platform where an user will have his/her own personalized AI buddy which will give support in order to reduce loneliness.

Md. Hafijul Islam

Bright Ayurveda- skin cream (working on name of the cream)

Launching an ayurvedic ointment.

Dr. Pitchaiah Cherukuri

Ride Sharing App

Develop an app/service that shows the nearest people willing to travel the same place at a time. Pooling services

Y. Yaswitha

Personal tutor

Build VR models enhanced with artificial intelligence

Yaswanth Sai Valluru

Smart Helmet

Collating bluetooth with helmet to have clear conversation.

Shaik Mohammad Arshad

R. Kasturi

A retail counter to supply and pick-up necessities near arrival gate at the airports

Dr. Mahalakshmi M


Project on plant disease detection with an entrepreneurial perspective

Aaryan Regmi

Sustainable makeup and skin care products

We have an idea It's a brand filled with different types of liptints, lip glosses, and lip balms.

Varshitha sree

Digi Badho -Marketing Agency

A Marketing agency company which builds communication platform or acts as abridge between an organization and the market

Chehak Saluja

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