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Elon Fellowship - Pre-Incubation Programme

The Elon Fellowship is a 12-week Pre-Incubation Programme that supports early-stage startup founders with Problem Validation, Market Research, and Customer Discovery. Startups benefit from free credits worth 1.75 Cr, allowing access to necessary tools and technologies. Experienced industry mentors provide guidance to navigate challenges and make strategic decisions. The program's pedagogy includes 10+ studying successful startup case studies, offering practical insights for building and scaling a company. Overall, the Elon Fellowship provides essential elements, resources, and mentorship to develop sustainable companies and increase the likelihood of success.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Startups with unique and innovative business concepts

  • Ideas with commercial potential

  • Individual and group involvement are both permitted.

  • Student innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business are eligible.


  • 1.75Cr worth of free credits from 10+ international organization

  • Workshops & Experts Insights

  • Get Incubated support by Hatchlab Research Centre

  • High-potential startup ideas may get an opportunity to get the funding amount of up to 5 lakh rupees

  • Pre-Incubation Graduation Certificate


Pre-Incubated Startups EF Cohort 1.0

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The Elon Fellowship's pre-incubation program helped us in nurturing the startup ecosystem and the interesting part is real-time case study learning and mentoring support. EF helped us to change our career towards entrepreneurship and to incorporate our startup as Virxon Pvt Ltd. Currently, we have 20+ interns including the Tech team.

Gopichand & Avinash

- Virxon Pvt Ltd

The Elon Fellowship's pre-incubation program can be highly beneficial for you in understanding problem statements, refining your business model, and financial planning for your startup, Volta. With a team size of 40+, the program can provide valuable guidance and support as you navigate the challenges of growing your venture.

Harsha & Mahendra

- Volta

The Elon Fellowship's pre-incubation program helped us in getting right kind of mentorship for our startup. And we got an prototype funding amount of INR 45K rupees through Elon fellowship.  EF helped us in incorporating our company as Reddula Pvt Ltd and Currently we have team size of 15+.


- Reddula Pvt Ltd

EF helped in learning about the startup ecosystem and able to understand the gaps and the pain points problem statements in the society.  I am to access to HRC where I can work for 24/7 in my dedicative space.


- SchoolHues

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