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Today’s idea could be tomorrow’s innovation. 


Welcome to IdeaMIC, a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders. At IdeaMIC, we believe that innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind the growth of any industry. Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation by providing a platform to express one’s innovative ideas of entrepreneurship and leadership and driving them a step closer to reality.
Each month, we invite submissions from students who have unique and novel ideas. Then we carefully evaluate all the submissions and selects the top 10 ideas, which are then facilitated to be pitched at SRM University AP. This gives you an incredible opportunity to showcase your vision.
The finest ideas are also given an opportunity to enroll with HatchLab Research Centre, a prestigious Technology Business Incubator of our university. This provides the innovators with access to state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure, mentorship from experienced professionals, and a chance to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

As a part of our commitment to encourage entrepreneurship, we also reward the best and most innovative idea of the month with a cash prize of up to Rs 5000, along with medals and certificates. This recognition motivates and encourages our winners to continue their entrepreneurial journey and achieve greater heights.




Every substantial creation we know as it now has once been an idea. With ample nurturing and sufficient work, your idea can sprout into a vast establishment. 

Innovation can strike you anywhere. This ranges from something as random as your mundane thoughts to something as specific as a result of extensive research. 

How you can shape this idea will bring out your inner creativity. And your confidence in supporting your plan, your ideals, and everything that you believe in will be challenged here. 

Our mission, here, is to encourage fresh minds to come up with innovative ideas. 

Getting your idea to be approved may even compel you to play the Devil’s advocate. So, not only the idea but the art of presenting it and the ability to pitch it to the panel is enhanced. 

Once your idea meets all these parameters, you are good to go!

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The Team


Swetha Magesh 
Team lead


Lalit Vijay Narayan Singh
Core Member

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